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Lactoscan (Dairy Industry)

India, 'The Oyster' of global dairy industry, is the world's highest milk producer and all set to become the world's largest food factory. The dairy industry in India has been witnessing rapid growth and is expected to triple its production in the next 10 years. Now the main focus of the diary industry is to better manage national resources, to enhance milk production and upgrade milk processing using innovative technologies and better solutions.

LACTOSCAN is an affordable solution for co-operatives and industries seeking an ERP tailored for their day to day dairy needs. Right from collection of milk from various farmers to the storage of milk and later processing of milk and its various products being produced at various stages, LACTOSACN provides the solution for dairy management pertaining to all the important processes that go into producing quality milk products for the customers.

Lactoscan offers certain unique features:

  • Milk Procurement
    • Capturing Fat and SNF percentages
    • Arriving on a purchase price based on Fat and SNF
  • Milk Processing, Packing, and Distribution
    • Combining milk received from various sources
    • Measuring the cumulative Fat and SNF percentages of the combined milk
    • Processing milk into various categories based on order requirements.
  • Order Booking and Distribution
    • Booking orders against advance for multiple items and delivery shifts (morning / evening)
    • Dispatching milk to multiple dealers
    • Handling alternate items during shipment
  • Dairy Reports
    • Obtaining route-wise procurement summary
    • Creating ales ledger reports
    • Obtaining daily gate pass, route-wise
    • Managing tub accounts
    • Managing cash receipts for agents
    • Creating cash sales report
    • Obtaining daily milk advice - consolidated/ summary
    • Managing daily milk advice - tub report
    • Creating delivery notes