Pedagogy - Creating Professional Graduates

Although all the undergraduate courses conducted at Altius would abide by the university prescribed syllabus, we’ve also added a little extra to ensure that apart from gaining academic excellence, Altius graduates get a competitive edge over their peers.
The Altius Advantage as we call it would prepare the students not only for various competitive examinations but would also prepare them for placement opportunities immediately after graduation.

Our faculty team with its vast experience is always there for Altius students to plan and strategize their Academic Career. The team is available for one-on-one sittings with the students and guides them to prepare effectively for Professional Courses.

Academic Guidance

The students at Altius would undergo compulsory training in the corporate world. This would not only be a winning exposure for the students but would also help them understand the practical aspect of the theories they will learn in the classroom.

Compulsory Training & Projects

Altius has strategic tie-ups with national level test prep institutes for our students to prepare them for entrance/competitive tests like CAT, CA-CPT, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS etc.

Entrance Preparation Program

The world is your playground, but the players speak different languages. We’ve added a foreign language module to give our students a global edge. Our foreign language module includes French, German and/or Mandarin (Chinese), Spanish.

Foreign Language Training

Along with a qualified experienced counselor, the Altius faculty team would be available for the students to get their Career related doubts and questions answered. The counselor would guide the students towards their desired career paths and would also update them with latest career opportunities in their area of interest.

Career Counselling

Altius has strategic tie-ups with national certification bodies to provide training and certifications in Financial Markets which will be an impressive factor on the student's portfolio and is sure to give an edge over the competition. The current tie-ups include the one with FPSB India to provide the CFP Certification. More certifications in other specialized field (Operations, Marketing, HR, IT) will also be available soon.

Academic Certification

Transit umbra, lux permanet

Shadow passes, light remains. Is what be abide by and the our vision encapsulates as well, that we not only want to educate and enable the young generation but also to create a legacy which will empower the future generations.