Research @ Altius

"Research in common parlance refers to a search for knowledge. It is basically a movement from the known to the unknown."

This sentiment has been the driving force behind research in the business environment. At Altius Institute of Universal Studies, the key focus is on the gathering of new knowledge and sharing of wisdom. And this is possible only though research.
At Altius, faculty members have always been encouraged to pursue research. Since inception in 2010, they have been encouraged to attend and conduct Research Workshops, Faculty Development Programs, Management Development Programs and Conferences and Symposiums.
2013-14 saw the establishment of the 'Altius Research Centre'. This was driven by the desire to provide a platform for the students and faculty – not only at Altius, but across Central India – to conduct independent research and further their academic credentials. In this past year, the college has been host to a galaxy of academicians from Indore conducting sessions for the benefit of the student and teaching community.
As an extension to our ongoing endeavors to develop our Altius Research Centre, we are now launching our very own ‘Altius Shodh Journal of Management & Commerce’, where both young and experienced researchers will get the opportunity to publish their research paper, case studies, book reviews and articles in a notable form. This journal has been conceptualized to promote research in the field of management, commerce and law. It is the wisdom that we are trying to achieve by bridging the theory-practice gap and moving from the conventional to a modern approach.
At this stage, I would like to place on record our gratitude towards the Board of Directors at Altius which has always supported us in our research endeavors. Sincere thanks are also due to the National Library Delhi, for providing us with the opportunity to give something back to the student community and society at large.
The entire editorial team at Altius that has contributed to the first issue deserves a big round of applause. Without them, this venture would not have seen the light of day. We hope that the subsequent issues of the Altius Journal of Management, Commerce and Law will live up to the ideals of the institution.

Editor Board

Mr. Madhur Naneria

Director - Altius Institute of Universal Studies, Indore

Mr. Subhasish Mitra

Dean (Academics) - Altius Institute of Universal Studies, Indore

Editororial Associates

Ms. Gitanjali Shrivastava

Faculty, (Dept. of Management) - Altius Institute of Universal Studies, Indore

Dr. Deepesh Mahajan

Faculty, (Dept. of Commerce) - Altius Institute of Universal Studies, Indore

Ms. Roopa Vijaywargiya

Faculty, (Dept. of Law) - Altius Institute of Universal Studies, Indore

Mr. Amit Upadhyay

Librarian - Altius Institute of Universal Studies, Indore